Lincoln Steve Richardson was born July 14, 1987 in Jamaica Kingston 7 (Augustown) At age 7 he would entertain family members with songs he made about his father and his many girl friends. His parents were separated. His mother had been living in England and he was staying in Jamaica with his father. A few years later Lincolns father got married to Karen (Sasha) Chin a very talented recording VP label artist. Music was always around him. At age 14 Lincolns father migrated to America leaving behind Lincoln and his sister. Lincoln was forced to mature early, raising his sister 2 years his junior.

With the absence of both his parents Lincoln quickly became a product of his environment. Turning to drugs and guns. His mother return to Jamaica and then migrated to Brooklyn New York taking along Lincoln.

Lincoln was always a bright and intelligent person so being on the honor roll was nothing strange for him. But it wasn't too long before the problems of a broken home caught up to him. He became a high school drop out after attending school for a few years and worked dead end jobs. His life had no direction.

On February 5, 2009 Lincoln and friends was driving home from a party. Steven "di Genius" Dark Again riddim came on and they started freestyle. Lincoln notice that one of the guys was not only VERY good, but he was also a dancer and was bragging that he makes instrumentals as well. So being jealous and naturally competitive, Lincoln sought to improve his craft. He went home and work on his lyrics and when it came time for a rematch Lincoln DESTROYED his friend lyrically. With this ego boost Lincoln realized that this might be something to pursue.

Lincoln started recording songs on his lap top over popular instrumentals. By the summer of 2009 he had a few songs circulating facebook, myspace, youtube and other popular social networks. Lincoln got recognize by a few top artist and has been working eversince.